Summer Camp

Registration for 2021 will begin in early March!

Sign up for as many weeks as you like! Minimum 2 weeks required, does not have to be consecutive.

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Children ages 3-5

Please note: Children must be 3 by July 1st, 2020 in order to attend. All children must be toilet-trained.

Regular prices:

1 week: $500  /  2 weeks: $975 / 3 weeks: $1450 /

4 weeks: 1925 / 5 weeks: $2400 / 6 weeks: $2875 /

7 Weeks:  $3350

10% sibling discount

Once we receive your registration form, We will send you an invoice.  We will hold your child's spot for 10 days after the invoice has been sent. Payment information will be sent with the invoice.


Garden Play

Play in our mud kitchen, sand box, tee pee, and all around our magical garden. Enjoy outdoor easel painting, dress-up, gardening, insect studies and lots more!

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Circle Time

Sing and recite our summertime songs and poems and enjoy lively conversation. We'll share a nutritious snack often from our vegetable garden.


Nature Walk

Explore the grounds of this beautiful oasis right here in Hastings on Hudson. Hike to the Fairy Woods, while picking berries along the way, enjoy bird watching and learn to identify different trees.  Most importantly, we'll play in the many natural and beautiful spots on the land.


Water Fun

Run through the sprinklers, make rainbows, and create fountains, water chutes, and mud slides!



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Time in the Forest at the Spruce Grove!

Hike to the forest classroom and play, draw, make music, create landscape art and explore.

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Afternoon Artistic Adventures

Includes: nature art, music and singing, gardening, cooking and yoga

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Made by the children with fruits and veggies


Little Leaf Preschool at Andrus-on-Hudson

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Little Leaf Preschool at Lenoir Preserve

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Little Leaf Preschool at Teatown Lake Reservation

1600 Spring Valley Rd. 

Ossining, NY 10562

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