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Carmel, NY -- enrolling now!

4 Glenna Drive, Carmel, NY

Write to Theresa for more information:

The New Class

Little Leaf brings its values of love, joy and community to Carmel, NY.  The class is inspired by all things nature and influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach. Our five acre playground is full frogs, birds, butterflies and possibilities for adventure. Children spend almost all of their time in the great outdoors in all types of weather. When the outdoor adventure ends, there's lots of fun to be had in our big beautiful indoor classrooms.


What is a typical morning like at Carmel?

Morning program

Arrival in our outdoor classroom

Investigations and outdoor play 
Circle with songs and poems

Story time and snack

Nature immersion, hike and sit spot

Nature connection games

Closing circle with gratitude share

Afternoon program

Gathering and play at the courtyard garden


Exploratory art project and play

Nature adventure 

Goodbye circle with story of the day 


Three welcoming environments 

We are thrilled to introduce our new preschool campus, a carefully designed space that merges the wonders of nature with the joy of learning. What sets our campus apart are three distinct areas that cater to every child's curiosity and developmental needs. First, our indoor play space is a haven of creativity, stocked with an array of art materials and wooden blocks, allowing children to express themselves artistically and construct their imaginative worlds. Stepping outside, the adventure continues in our outdoor play area, which features a sandbox and a mud kitchen, complemented by an assortment of loose parts. This area is not just a playground but a laboratory for little explorers to experiment with textures, shapes, and the fundamentals of physics. Beyond this, the campus extends into a natural wonderland of woods, marshes, and brooks, offering endless opportunities for discovery and connection with the environment. This immersive approach not only nurtures a love for learning but deeply instills an appreciation for the natural world, making our preschool campus truly unique.

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