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Lenoir Nature Preserve

19 Dudley Street in Yonkers

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The Juneberry Class

The children in our Lenoir Nature Preserve class have 40 beautiful acres to explore! Each day, they visit their favorite places like the Woodland Trail, the old Mansion, the Butterfly Garden, and the meadow.  There is a lovely indoor classroom in the nature center with open-ended toys and lots of possibilities for creative expression (not to mention a cool selection of Taxidermy!)

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Lower Hudson Valley and Local Naturalists

At Lenoir, there are on-site naturalists who work to enhance the beauty of the nature preserve. From creating canoes from fallen trees to building bark wigwams, the naturalists are a source of wonder for the children. The nature center is also home to the local Audubon Society that has set up bird feeders and other curiosities to attract a wide variety of Westchester's flying friends.


A Sample Day

Arrival at the Forest Classroom

Play and Special Projects

Circle Time and Snack

Hike on the Copper Beach Trail

Play in the Stick Cove (a forest destination)


Art and Story

Hike on the Woodland Trail

Gratitude Circle


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