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A Sample 'Rhythm of the Day'

Outdoor Free Play

Children often start their day in the outdoors immersed in free-play.  Pushing wheelbarrows, jumping in mud puddles, and flying by on scooters.  Children create in our mud kitchen and build with lots of loose parts such as spools, planks, blocks, and tires.

Kids as Chefs.jpg

Circle Time and Healthy Snack

Both inside and out, during circle time we gather as a community.  We sing songs and recite poems that are connected to the seasons and to our emergent curriculum.  We discuss the day and our studies and share tales from home.  Afterward, children eat snacks of fruits and vegetables, freshly made bread or pizza, and whole grains.

Special Projects and Classes

Children often collage with natural or repurposed materials, learn about the local ecology, create self-portraits, and sew - just to name a few of their special projects!

Summer 2016 042.jpg

Nature Walk

We head out to one of our favorite spots on the nature trails. While we walk, we may stop to observe birds and insects and flowers. The land is our living classroom! Children play, discover, and investigate.  This time is incredibly important to us.  The children develop personal connections to the land and to each other.

Afternoon Fun

Children eat lunch brought from home, then play in our specially curated indoor classrooms and enjoy story time and more projects.  Children spend time playing outside or on an afternoon nature walk.


Forest Days

Some days the whole morning or the whole afternoon is spent in the forest. Everything happens in the woods: art projects, circle time and snack, wilderness games, and lots of free play in wild spaces. These days feel like day camping or homesteading. Children are invited to relax in their chosen "sit-spots" and observe.  Everyone returns refreshed and inspired.

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